About Me


I’m Jenna McLeskey, a public relations major and business foundations minor at The University of Texas at Austin. My career interests are in investor relations and all things public relations and advertising, entrepreneurship, and non-profit organizations. Being a student at The University of Texas at Austin has put me right in the hot spot of opportunities to better myself professionally and personally. By learning from my surroundings and constantly challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone to go after the future I want for myself, I get closer to my goals everyday. I have made so many new business and social connections with people from all over the world this year and also have made some great friendships that will last forever. I am a member of a public relations, business, advertising, international, and marine science club. I care about the ocean, education, and the world in general. My hobbies are acting, writing, trying new things, and being active with people. What makes me happy is traveling.



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